[Off-Topic] Daily Chat: 2022-05-14

I am a truck driver, but instead of pulling freight from DC to DC i run the hardest routes possible . And that is putting it very very simply. I unload 53 foot trailers by hand , upwards of 4000 boxes a day , 100,000 pounds a week. Through the most narrow of places that even casper wouldn’t dare tread . (Being dramatic but No joke, you sometimes have less than an inch between walls and your mirrors.. extreme precision is required )… you must also deal with extreme snow storms and ice during the winter, which will have you sliding . Even at 1 mph. Inability to see the road, or objects to avoid because of footage of snow, Heroin addicts, minimum wage employees, 110 degree temps inside the trailer , guns being pulled on employees , people trying to fight you for looking their way, sometimes having to do multiple peoples jobs, managing minimum wage employees , making sure they are continue working whilst they’re stoned on weed , just a couple things i encounter on a weekly basis . It may not sound that bad through text , but theres a reason why the job pays so much. No one wants to do it except for the foreigners that come over to America with 3 people. One drives and 2 unloads . I do the job solo.

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