Off-Topic Discussion, Thursday Jan 14

I feel like a huge baby because everyone on my team at work is grinding just as hard or harder but....facing another 50+ hour, 7 day work week I’m just DONE!! I don’t want to!!!! I want to have time to do yoga and take my dog on long wandering walks and not think about any of it.

Without sharing too much info about what I do—right now my job involves reading a lot of testimony/reports/journals/studies about sexual abuse and I’m just somehow totally desensitized and fucking exhausted at the same time.

The end is in sight but not close I can feel it. It’s just not a great vibe on top of the state of the world. So I spent all day whining and now feel like World’s Worst Girlfriend because my boyfriend wouldn’t even get annoyed at me if I wanted him to. His patience is my saving grace and worst enemy!!!! Yell at me like I deserve!!!!!! But also hold me and make me snacks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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