Off-Topic Discussion Winsday/Whinesday Edition, Wednesday Oct 13

The background is I've been at my job for eight months - my dream job with great people, great company, love the work when I have it (sometimes slow), etc. Throughout this time I feel very appreciated and coworkers and my manager tell me I do a great job, so I feel confident most of the time.

However, yesterday we got client feedback on a design project and they noted that a period was missing at the end of a paragraph, which is something I 100% should have caught, and someone I was working on a different project with caught a missing period (again - WTF?) in a design yesterday, but it was before the client saw it so that was good. But I can NOT stop obsessing over missing these couple of things, as I wasn't even rushing or distracted and I have no idea how I missed something so simple.

I do have OCD, so of course I'm totally obsessing, and logically I know I won't get fired for missing a couple of things. But I take pride in my work and knowing I missed these things is causing my brain to freak out, and even though I haven't been approached about this by anyone, it's dominating my brain. I know I can only move forward and make sure it doesn't happen again, but how do you move past work mistakes or missteps WITHOUT obsessing?

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