Get off your ass!

Heyyy... but I AM the 99% LOL

Just teasin' ya, Gladys. We all are, and you're beautiful! Very beautiful <3

... Nevertheless, I am just about to remove a portion of what I scraped together for rent, in order to buy pet food. Our dog is telling me that the rice I gave her for breakfast didn't quite cut it.

Hoping I can make up the difference in the next few days, or I may have to borrow from a certain 'comfortable' friend, who will be willing to lend to me for a week. Planning on calling some utility companies tomorrow for extensions so I can avoid fines.

That's how I'm supporting the 99% this week! /s ;D

Seriously, it's my own fault for not getting another housemate yet. However, the two previous ones were the source of so much stress, and they were people I already knew.

The idea of finding, vetting and then trying to live with another person - this time a total stranger - is extremely discouraging. I could do it far more easily, if I was just on my own; but when it has to be someone who is suitable to have around my child - there's a thousand more considerations. Ugh.

Wah wah wah... Appreciating the platform to vent :)

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