Get off your ass and break your back

A day or two ago I started feeling sick and asked if I could go home early because i keep coughing and sniffling and my head was starting to ache, and I work at a Cafe so i work with food. And my managers told me I'd have to stay because no one else could cover my closing shift, while I've had to close multiple times being the only closer besides the manager because someone else had to go home early due to sickness. Then they said I could go home early if we weren't too busy in the next few hours, and like 30 minutes after that a small rush comes into the store. So I'm working double speed to get all these people helped out as quick as possible so the rush doesnt just keep getting bigger and I have to stay and close but the two coworkers that were there with me looked like they were not moving quickly at all. I thought after I wasnt the "new guy" anymore I'd be able to do stuff like asking to go home early when I'm feeling sick, or calling out sick without being guilt tripped, but I guess not. People treat you how you let them, and I see that now. Every time I'm feeling too sick to go to work, I'm calling out and telling them I cant make it in, not asking, not saying i was hoping to ask, I'm telling them. Because I value my physical health far beyond profits for the store I work at. If they don't like me calling out they can ask for a doctors note and I'll get them one. But it is entirely unethical to try and guilt trip your employees into coming into work while sick, on the slowest day, of the slowest month of the year.

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