GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST! - For the week of August 06, 2017

This is how front lanes is tolerable for me. I see hundreds of people, reuse countless jokes that are no longer funny to me but I act like they are just to make someone laugh when they didn't think they could or didn't expect a random sarcastic joke. I love the people I can make a connection with over common obsessions or stupid humor, even if it only lasts a moment because that's what makes the soul-crushingly tedious and boring nature of this job sorta okay. That's not even the full scope of it. I'm autistic. I'm naturally awkward at social interactions and routinely miss so many cues with communication it's stupid. To randomly converse with random people and have it feel so natural, pleasant, and often hilarious makes me feel so much better about myself. I love the gamers that come through and want to talk about and share their obsessions as much as I do, that random guy who doesn't have legs on a motorized scooter who always comes in with his dog is a fucking angel, and the very few people with borderline legendary understanding of how much retail work sucks all keep the job from being a nightmare.

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