GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST! For the week of March 12, 2017

Dear Customers who bring in previously bought merchandise in order to have us teach you how to use it: Go away, I do not have the time or patience to "teach" you how to use something that a fucking child can understand, especially when you bought it from somewhere besides here. Oh, it doesn't work? Let me take a look at it... gee, it works perfectly, and all I did was push the obvious fucking buttons on it. No, stop, fucking stop, I do not have the time to spend a god damn half hour or more with you teaching you how to use something that I previously thought was idiot proof.

What's that? I'm going too fast? I literally said "first you hold the on button, then when the screen turns on, you touch the..." seriously, how the fuck is that too fast? If you can't handle that, go to Office Depot and buy a pad of paper and a pen and give up on electronics.

If you need a quick run down of an item, I'm more than happy to help, but I can't fucking teach a class on stuff four years olds can figure out, especially when you start snapping at me when you can't figure out simple concepts like "maybe that big fucking ON button might turn this thing on..."

What? It's bad customer service that I can't take an hour of my time to teach you to use something you bought from mother fucking Costco? Well, voice your opinion in the survey email Best Buy will send you for your... oh yeah, you didn't buy that shit from here...

Dear GM what's the point of asking our opinions on things if you instantly tell us we are wrong, and that "this is how I did it at my previous store." Own up to your mistakes already instead of throwing everyone else under the bus.

Oh, yeah, HR, do your job. The GM took people to do eVoice, stood behind us as we did it, told us how to answer it, and he is still here. The GM bullys and insults people on the sales floor, the GM avoids doing things and pushes all work onto other people, the GM refuses to talk to customers, the GM physically grabs people, and many other things, but nothing has come of the calls.

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