Is this offensive or am I being hypersensitive?

Lmaoooo. This reply made me laugh. Yeah I kinda feel like he has issues with being critical, especially with the people that are closest to him. But I also feel like he realizes that in some way because he would never dare to say anything like that to even his closest friend. I mean, am I being picked on? Wtf is the deal here. So frustrating, tried to talk to him about it on numerous occasions and I think he basically says “I get frustrated and say it harshly because I’m always having to say it to you”.

But like you said, I know he definitely thinks I need a lot of improvement, and hell, I know I do but these small things are so arbitrary idk why he makes a big thing out of them. These little interactions between us just turn me off, I tend to shut down with criticism anyway and then these interactions leave me pissy and I don’t want to talk to anyone afterwards, I kinda just put on some tunes and start ignoring everything (something I know I should work on). I’m also too afraid to head on confront him and say “wow, that was fucking rude of you” because he usually meets a shitty tone with an even shittier one and I’m too chicken shit to deal with it.

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