[OFFER/CONTEST] Free pizza, ayyyyyy.

Well, first off, happy birthday!

I'm going through my own "best-worst friend" story right now, so I'll detail that one.

So, I meet this guy nearly two years ago - it'll be two years in April - on the street when I'm heading back from work. I'm down in the dumps, visibly agitated and anxious, and he's out busking. He cheers me up by playing a cover of a song done by the musician I have a themed tattoo from. We get to talking, really hit it off, and confide in each other. He's just moved here, been here 6 days, living in his car until he can move into the room of a friend of his he'd driven across the country to rent. We decide that we have nothing to lose - I was about to lose my place of residence, and he without a solid plan on paying for his on his own - and get the room together. All goes well, and within 2 days we're romantically involved. Living in the same room, spending 24/7 together, my better judgement tells me this is stupid and risky but it feels like a cheesy rom-com and I'm loving every second of it. We're both being irresponsible and burning through our savings because we've had a stressful past few months and feel like a vacation is in order. No jobs, just hiking, watching movies, having a good time. That doesn't work forever, we end up driving with all our possessions to California on a whim to land jobs at Disney after an interview arises. We don't get it. We end up living in that car for a month in the sweltering summer heat. Round up enough gas, head back to our home state. End up having to live with my parents, whom I don't have a great relationship with. We both get a job, the same job. Live together in the same room, work the same job, together literally 24/7. I've never been closer to or more in love with anyone. But we start fighting, because life isn't awesome. Things are stressful, it sucks. Hate fighting with each other, just want to be happy, but get in a cycle of arguing. Months pass, finally save up enough to get a place. Find the perfect apartment, get approved, it's a 7 minute drive to work. Move in, happiness restored, things are looking up. Get a kitty, sweetest kitty alive, things are great. Work is good. Summer is awesome. Lots of hiking, building up savings, being responsible. Then the job runs its course. Laid off. No income. Can't find another job. Car goes to shit. Stress returns, fighting returns. He swings on me, I'm terrified. Violence happens when we argue, so I do anything to avoid arguing. Sell my stuff, sit around constantly answering to his every whim to try and make him happy. Jobs aren't happening, interviews and applications are plentiful but nothing comes of it. Money is running out. No holiday celebrations, he's pissed and stressed. Rent time comes, money is gone. He blames me, says I should have done something. Fighting ensues, gets worse. I'm depressed, and it's making me physically ill to continue this pattern. Health issues act up, I can't continue to do this. We sit down and try and work things out. Back on good terms, everything's peachy.... Eviction notice on door. He freaks out. Calls his parents to borrow money, but they offer him an out. Offer to fly him home. Decides he is going to leave me here alone with an eviction notice, no money, a kitty and a ton of stuff with which I have no idea how to handle. Eviction summons, court date, scheduled next week. He plans to leave before then. We're friendly and affection still right now because I can't handle all this stress and just want things to go smoothly until he leaves, as opposed to arguing and being awful. But I'm absolutely gutted. The person I thought I could trust most, who's been there for my best and worst, my partner in crime... He's throwing in the towel and leaving me stranded and helpless because the goings got tough and he doesn't want to stick it through like an adult. I was hoping that, even if our relationship didn't stand the test of time, our friendship would, as I've never been closer to, or more comfortable with anyone in my life. But I can't wrap my mind around what's happening, how someone who I've shared so many good times with, and who I've done so much for - and spent so much time and money on - could discard me so quickly when the easy way out becomes an option.

That was a bit long, but it's a fresh wound! It's hard to lose people, but we all manage and move forward eventually, I suppose. Thanks for the offer :)

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