[Offer] Dragon Age: Origins

I've played DA:O on console very often, so if that disqualifies me, that's fine. No fuss here. I don't own it anymore due to me trading it in a while ago. I've also played the DLCs on the console too. Never owned/played on PC.


Since historical means any time in the past ("The past is far behind us, the future doesn't exist"), my favorite is probably the video game crash of the 80s. It's interesting to read how much people jumped on to the video game craze, and how none of them foresaw their flooding possibly hurting the value of gaming, nor their shoddy and rushed games, nor did they think other companies would try to jump on the bandwagon, and thus didn't even think to try to make games well.

I don't see a similar thing happening nowadays, but I do see how many gaming companies aren't expanding as much as they could be, which is both good and bad. It's good because games that DO catch the limelight are generally amazing (DAi, Fallout 3/NV, Southpark: Stick of truth) and the ones that suck are easily pointed out. Another thing to note is that while the market is saturated with sequels or remakes of long running series' (Call of Duty, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, GTA) many of these series' still haven't had much of a drop in popularity, although I'm unsure of sales.

It shows that they've managed to secure attention, and most likely, loyal fanbases, which was another factor that the crash in '83 lacked. I mean, Atari tried to port Pac-Man, but that failed due to it not being a really well made port.

It also shows that game makers are actually making an effort to not make their games suck. If CoD dropped their bar entirely, I'm sure SOMEONE would throw a fit, yet people still play it. It's not poorly made, just recycled.

Which makes me wonder if we'll get to a point where the recycling will cause issues. Sports games come out yearly, yet they seem to be able to be made yearly. People enjoy them, even if very few features (as far as I know) are added or modified in the next season, including the graphics and athletes. A sports game vs a Mario Kart game are very different in how they change their game, ya know?

So, I try to at least see news about how the game industry is doing, albeit I haven't paid much attention as of late (personal issues and the like). I'm anxious and curious to see if it'll crash again due to many series' not putting out good games/recycling too much, or if the amount of "new" games (DA:O vs Dai gameplay, or Mortal Kombat X vs Mortal Kombat Armageddon, The Stanley Parable, basically different or "unique" styles of play and etc) will be enough for the market to stay healthy while other companies push out their remakes and sequels.

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