[OFFER] Games/DLC/Game Accessories/Etc - €60/$70/£53 to Split - ROUND 6

Alternatively, if you have more money to spare, I've literally just found a fantastic looking game that I'd like to get ASAP (not kidding!): Raji: An Ancient Epic

From the looks of this, this just released yesterday and it looks gorgeous, presumably a fun puzzle and action-adventure game with a mythological orientalist setting – Holy Mother of God! that ticks a whole lot of boxes! Moreover, it has some great reviews on Steam.

While I just said I was a big fan of RTS, I also love everything to do with mythology (especially Ancient Greek mythology, that was probably the best thing of man's creations) and exotic Oriental cultures (I know very little of Ancient India - I'm more knowledgeable of the reign of the Mughal Emperors Babur, Humayun and Akbar the Great - but I have an vested interest in the history of foreign cultures already)

Thank you for reading this! I'll be happy with the fulfillment of either request.

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