The officer who pepper sprayed a man that gave him the middle finger has been suspended without pay. The chief of police now says he's seeking to fire the officer.

Lol you ran errands for the kitchen 'cause that's where you work, ho.

What are you even talking about? Infantry officers do not cook.

You're doing it wrong, you're supposed to measure how long your dick is, not how far it goes back up inside you.

Both measurements are longer than your dick, so it doesn't matter, I still win.

Oh perfect, so you didn't even earn your officer title you fucking POG, god no wonder you're such a chicken hawk, you probably never even fired a gun off the range.

WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN!? I cannot completely interpret your retardspeak. As an infantryman, I am by definition not a POG. I've fired my service weapon outside the wire numerous times.

I could go be an 'officer' in the army if I wanted to, too, you fucking poser lol.

No you couldn't. You're too fat and uneducated. You're too retarded to even enlist LOL!

Playing CoD doesn't mean you 'work at a software company' dumbass, and beating off 8 times in between troll sessions doesn't constitute 'running errands.

I do work at a software company, and CoD is a shit game for shit gamers, like yourself. I'm still doing errands around the house, my house. You have your mom to do your errands for you. U JElLLY that I have an awesome job at one of the largest software companies in the world.

And you lost the entire country dipshit, pretty sure you can take all your battles and shove them lol. I don't need a source to prove that the US Army lost in Afghanistan lol, and you're even dumber than I thought if you think anyone's buying that line.

Aannnddd you admit defeat here. I win. Will not produce a source that proves otherwise. The U.S. Army never lost a battle in Afghanistan. Everyone buys that line, everyone that's not mentally retarded.

You're so far out in la la land you don't even know that I'm just wiping my taint with you now before I throw you in the garbage. Yawn.

Nope, I won and U MAD. You cannot provide sources to counter anything I've said, and now you're just rambling because you're retarded.

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