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What happens to your 5th-semester classes if you don't declare a major at the end of your 4th semester? This is what one of the websites say, I'm having a hard time interpreting whether or not you lose the 5th-semester classes you're signed up for:

"Students must enroll in either a major program offered by one of the departments or an interdepartmental program before the last day of classes in the fourth semester; the program must be approved by an official major advisor.

Students needing an additional term (the fifth semester) to complete prerequisite classes may submit the Deferral of Major by the same deadline and no later than the first week of classes in the fall term. Absent a major in SIS or a deferral of major form, a hold will be placed on the student's record.

No student may begin a sixth full-time semester without a declared major in SIS.

Students may declare a major in the first or second year, provided a department or program accepts them. Students who transfer as third-years must defer or declare no later than September 30. New third-year spring-term transfers must defer or declare by February 1. See the academic calendar for the exact deadline for fourth-semester students to declare a major.


Students who begin the fifth semester without either declaring a major or deferring declaration will be blocked from enrolling in the next semester's classes and may lose their enrollment place. No student may begin a sixth full-time semester without a declared major in SIS."

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