Official Champions Thread - Part 2

My story this year is pretty amazing. I play in a league with 15 other people in my program at university (its a Sports Administration program, so everyone essentially knows there stuff for them most part, which makes for a fun and competitive league). The first two seasons of the league, my teams have dominated, finishing first place in both seasons and rarely losing any games. Those two years I finished 3rd and 2nd, respectively.

This season, things didn't go so well. My keepers were set to be Lynch, AP and Gordon, but then I had to swap out Gordon for VJax when he got suspended. Then, I lost three RBs, AP, Rice and Woodhead, within the first few weeks of the season due to suspensions/injury. Luckily, I was able to swap AP and a draft pick for Lacy to a team who was tanking this year, and I was able to finish 9-4 on the season, good for fourth place in my league, and thanks in large part to one of the easiest schedules in my league, as I caught a lot of people on their down weeks.

The thing about this league is that the people who tank, tank hard, and a lot of people don't care about trading picks, so they sell all their picks for the tanking teams' top players, whereas I will never trade any draft pick before the 10th round. So there were three teams that were absolutely stacked because they traded all of their draft picks to get themselves some great players, and another team who drafted very well and also had a good team. And then my team, which was still a solid team, but at this point looked somewhat middle of the pack of the playoff teams.

I figured I'd be headed for a first round exit to one of the teams who late in the year sold all of his draft picks to pick up some great players such as Dez Bryant, Roddy White, Andre Ellington, and Denard Robinson. But I was able to overcome his team. Then, I thought the next week, I'd surely lose to the first place team, who also only lost one matchup all season, and had also done a good job of loading up on strong players to try and go all-in on winning it all this year. But luckily, all of his players underperformed, while all of mine over performed, and I was able to blow him out.

Then this week, I was happy to be matched up against the other strong team who had a strong team because he drafted and managed his team well as opposed to trading all of his future draft picks to make his team strong. We were both happy about this, because we both viewed the way we play as "the right way" to play, as neither of us are a fan of blowing up our team's success in the future for a chance at success in one year.

So it goes into the Sunday night game and I'm down by almost 30 points, with me having Lynch and Hill left and him having Kerwynn Williams and Barth left. Lynch's and Hill's big runs essentially won me my championship this year, as without those two long TD runs I would not have been able to come back at all. This was the year I least expected to win it all, but it somehow happened, and I couldn't be happier about it.

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