[OFFICIAL] Daily Feedback Thread August 15, 2016

Thanks for taking your time to write out your response. I want to make sure I get information from all age groups/styles because it's towards making my music better. Some of the words are slurred because the verses were spit in one take in a studio I paid for an hour to record, so I had to use what I had.

I guess there is no real concept to the song besides some bars and a repeated hook. The samples I use are old school, but I want to make it as modern as possible. I was driving around in my car listening to the beat after I had the verses and hook written, and wanted to take some influence from DJ Screw/Paul Wall/Mike Jones (Still Tippin').

As for the lyrics, nothing taken to offense. Although on first listen it may just sound like it's about money and drugs, but there are references that I guess don't immediately jump out to the listener.

Verse 1: Ink make your jaw line snap back/ parallel to your lineup where your fams at?/ think tank make you break, sharks under water/ tred till the squad pull up with the pack yeah/

Shit faced with an 8ball in the mall/ broke with expensive taste, pop tags yeah/ green for the money, bitch you late with my money/ how you expect me to still pop bands yeah?/

y'all know I been with it, independent/ since a minute, going off in the casino bitch yeah/ Fall season means the wake up/winter with the cake up, Spring for the tuxedo pic yeah/ Ride through my city, trynna win big here for the millions/ I've been, on one, buy everything in the store for the innocent/

Fashion killing bitch wanna play with Prada for the Devil/ Missed an inning in winnings, me at the top, me belittled?/ Fuck these critics don't know business fly my lady luck out to Vegas/ Fuck these critics don't know business, they don't know me at all/


Still sippin liquor til the bartender run out of service/ we tip the waitress til the bands run out of fucking purpose/

Slow down, hold up/ stunt team doors closed, til we show up/ Hoes down, roll up/ these blunts dont get us out of focus

Never stopping with the deadline/ Rerocking at the same time, Reebok's with the same lines/Catch my Delta flight til I stay fly/ Muhfucka I been on, schemin since I been raw/ money over here, money over there/ Fuck a broad make her Vegas strip bare/ Start looking like Chum Lee at a pawn fair

Got bars that end better than your GGs/ got xannies in an Advil bottle ain't for me/ 16 for a verse blacked out for the evening

Got my shawty in the mazaradi riding through the city with my high beams on/she on that black Stella Rosa all night long/Artois bitch with a French braid to pull on/she showing me her karmasutra all night long

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