★OFFICIAL DAILY★ SV/NSV Thread: Feats of the Day! June 12, 2022

NSV: Someone asked where I got my shirt, and if it was new. It’s actually a shirt that’s 11 years old, but I didn’t fit into it for awhile! I lost several sizes in the past few weeks or so even though I gained a 1.5 pounds back, after losing 1.5 pounds from my weight not that long ago (not sure how long; my perception of time sucks with how fast the world changes in 2022).

I am the same weight as right after my rapid 5-pound weight gain, but several sizes smaller! I can’t joke that I’m “out of shape” at this weight, now, without people rolling their eyes and thinking I’m fishing for compliments! I have joked that I was “out of shape” at the same weight (125 lbs at 5’2) but not fit like now, far from being fit, and people laughed. Weight is not everything!

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