Official Discussion - Mission: Impossible - Fallout [SPOILERS]

Holy shit, this movie was so good. They managed to make all the characters feel important and relevant to the story. Tom Cruise brought it as usual. I love he really makes Ethan such a relatable character, even though Ethan is basically Captain America without steroids.

Henry Cavill needs to be given all the props. This and Man from UNCLE proves that he is a star. He did such a good job that I was disappointed when he died. I really wanted him to come back in the next movie.

I also liked that they established that there is something between Ethan and Ilsa without having one of them change their character. Ilsa was such a badass too. The scene where she broke the chair, could hear people in the theater oohing.

Overall, this movie is as good as its predecessor, if not better.

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