Official Discussion: Chappie [SPOILERS]

Saw it in IMAX last night (IMAX adding about as much as most other movies in IMAX; nothing.).

I thought it was terrible. Just flat-out bad.

Ok, look, before people start throwing out accusations that Chappie didn't have to "reinvent" the medium or whatever, realize that some people don't like a movie because they thought it wasn't any good.

All the characters are unlikable and stupid. It's as if they made decisions for the sole purpose of getting to the next point in the movie without any consideration of what the characters might do. Why let the scientist go to begin with? Why depend on him to come back to teach Chappie but then try to kill him every time he does? Nothing anyone ever does makes sense from a practical stand point.

It's ending doesn't work because not only is it not earned, all of the other preceding talks about mortality and life beforehand are thrown out the window in favor of some lame ass feel good ending that comes off as creepy. It's cheating. I get that's the point of the movie but nothing about the rest of the movie has me fully convinced it earned its conclusion. I'm not against the idea but in Chappie, it's really dumb. Reminded me of Source Code where the movie could've been improved had it ended 15 minutes earlier.

Also dumb is Chappie himself. All attempts to humanize him fall flat. Chappie is mostly manipulated and thrown around from situation to situation as more of a tool than an actual human. RoboCop (original) did this very well without having to resort to some sort of jarring "half-kiddie half-adult" style I hate so much. Chappie never really makes any decisions for himself. He just sort of develops morality and opinions of things he doesn't like doing but does it anyway. We're supposed to feel sympathy for him because he literally has the word "reject" on him. Good story telling is supposed to show, not tell.

And Hugh Jackman's character. Seriously in need of a rewrite. I'm amazed his character was as over the top as he was. Why does the company keep him around? He's developing a product no one wants and he pulls a gun on an employee. And he's overtly religious because fuck those guys, am I right? Why is Hugh Jackman in this movie anyway?

And to top it off, it's fucking boring. It goes on forever, it's satirical elements on things are stale, things happen because things have to happen, it's not funny, and the ending is stupid like its character.

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