Official Discussion Thread—Volume 4, Chapter 9: Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Okay, we finally have our first RWBY episode of the volume! So to fit this, I'll be categorising my thoughts into 4 sections:

Yang - Really liking how they are portraying Tai this volume, adding him to the best dads club along with Ghira. - I'm really starting to like that cyber arm right now. At first I was little unsure if it was coming too early, but I think I've got past that now, as long as they don't just skip past the fact that Yang should still be self conscious about not having a real arm anymore. - Also hoping they don't skip over Yang's PTSD. I still have hopes for that, and I'm going to keep hoping for some development on that. - Zwei is infinitely more cute with the different model and art style.

Weiss - So I was right. She is going to practice in the room until she's strong enough to get break out, or something like that at least. That explains the opening. - Please Whitely, I tried to like you, I tried to come up with a reason to still like you. But the more you're on screen, the more dickish you are. - KNIGHT FROM THE TRAILER HYPE - Klein is best butler, which is why I'm so glad he's voiced by the only one who could play the best butler.

Blake - Okay, so it actually was a Chameleon fanus, like a lot of people figured. It kinda sounds cliché to me, but heck, I'd like as many new faunus types as I can get, so I'm not complaining. - And its also Sister Illia, like I saw some people speculating. Huh, the subreddit's on point with speculations about this character this time. - And that is one of the best weapons I've ever seen. Kinda reminds me of the whip weapon I designed for my OC once, except a lot better. - Are you happy now? Sun's hurt now, so are you finally happy all of the Sun haters? But in all seriousness, he better not die. Why does bad stuff happen to all the blondes in this show, seriously. Yang lost an arm, Jaune lost Pyrrha, Tai lost both his wives... are there anymore blondes except for Sun? - History between Illia and Blake, maybe? I'd like to see that. Her emotions seemed to be quite rattled from the looks of it due to her rapid colour changes. I've heard some people saying that they might have been ex-girlfriends, but I'm pretty sure that's not it.

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