[Official] General Discussion Thread - August 08, 2017

I know I'm in the opposite opinion of the majority here. But I would like to see this fight.

I like to think that Conor would hire a lot of great fighters from the ufc for his camp. He would get tips and spar with guys like Cruz, Anderson Silva, Cody, even Nate Diaz and Aldo would show up. The best coaches would be there as well. Everyone would put their differences aside and make this team training so that an MMA guy can beat Floyd.

Floyd would underestimate Conor and be caught right in the first round, but he would not be done yet. He would be punch drunk and I think a punch drunk Floyd may be not as hard for Conor so it'll be a close fight overall but Conor will be knocked down on the very last round and when the referee is making the counting Conor would look at the crowd, and there will be his peers, his colleagues, people who once were his opponnents, now are all friends. Cruz and Cody side by side, Aldo holding an irish flag, TJ and Faber holding hands, Nate with a white shirt that means peace, DC on top of Jon Jones shoulders so he can get a better view, Dee is also there, and by her side the faithful friend Artem holding the baby Mcgregor junior in his arms. Everyone cheering for Conor and telling him to stand up!

And so Conor do stand-up, and with only 5 seconds left in the fight, Conor kicks Floyd in the in the face, right on the chin. Floyd drops on the floor out cold. It's over. Conor would not get a cent because his contract forbids that he used some different technic than boxing. And the judges decide to declare Floyd the winner.

But we know who won that night. We'll always know.

The Mixed Martial Arts won. Friendship won. Love won.

That probably won't happen but I'll take my chances.

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