[Official] Glory 74: Unfinished Business - Live Discussion Thread

Badr was throwing heat. When they were sitting in the pocket trading I feel he was winning most of the exchanges and put an exclamation point on a couple of them in R1 (right hook KD, slipping a jab and landing the overhand right). Rico got the jab going and those leg kicks were adding up. The back leg kick was nasty and he pulled it off a couple of times, I never see that in MMA. Surprised he didn't pull out the front head kick more, I only saw him go for it twice I believe. With how much Badr was throwing the right hook from orthodox I would have thought Rico would pull the trigger on it. Rico had a nice check hook I think he could've gone to more when Badr was walking him down.

Overall a good fight, fun to watch from a technical standpoint. Wish we'd gotten to see more.

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