Official Guild Recruitment Thread

[H][US][Zul'Jin] <Power Word Friendship>

About Us

<Power Word Friendship> is a recently formed guild on Zul'Jin US looking for some active members! We are an incredibly laid back guild that simply wants to experience BFA together. We are casual in every sense of the word.

Raid/Dungeon Info

We don't actually have set raid times, but once we have a decent amount of willing raiders, we can set a consistent time. It will also probably be over the weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) and at night. Raiding in this guild will be stress free, and as long as you're actively trying to get better, you'll have a spot on our team. We will also be doing a lot of progressive Mythic+ as well every week, and we can form groups of 5 for people that are interested.

Other Info

The number one priority for this guild will be to have fun. We are completely drama free and mature (everyone is 21+ but we won't set an age limit on who can join, just please be respectful). We don't really PvP, but if members would like to form Arena/BG groups then you are more than welcome. I will link our Discord server once I set it up. I also hope to host events like Transmog competitions and Legacy Raid nights. If you have any questions feel free to ask! Thanks!


You can either message me on Reddit or anyone listed below on

Guild Master: TROPiCALRUBi#1491

Healing Officer: Name#11830

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