Official Guild Recruitment Thread

AHOY MATIES!!!!! .... too soon? Okay, so <Mutiny> Magtheridon Horde EU are recruiting a few more DPS to join our raid team. Not just any DPS though... oh no. Your idea of DPS isn't a gentle sedate tapping of a memorised rotation on a target dummy, instead it is a fire breathing onslaught of epic proportions against everyone else. Your rotation and priorities are a matter of muscle memory, you cannot help but pot on every try because god dammit, that dirty filthy Hunter isn't going to out DPS you yet again.

We are looking for melee leather DPS: Monks, Feral Druids and Rogues. We currently have none of these on our raid team, so if you join, expect many loots. More loot than you can shake a stick at.

We are also looking for a Warlock too. Because we are too lazy to run out of the instance to get a summon. And, well... healthstones are kind of cool.

But we are well aware the world doesn't revolve around leather users and warlocks (would be great for us if they did), but no if you play one of the other many wonderful dps classes that World of Warcraft happen to offer, then we might be a bit lenient in letting some of those slip into the system too.

So about us? Currently at 10/10N and 8/10HC. We raid twice a week because some of us have been playing for 10 years and only now have we taken a step back and thought "hmm, that might have been a bit too much". So long story short a bunch of us have lives now (I know right?!).

We have fun, but our raids are serious, as we focus on progression during our two main raids a week. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama. No matter how skilled you are, or how someone else screws up, you must always remain polite and considerate. Unless the hunter messed up then it is perfectly acceptable to hurl abuse at him.

For the rest of the week, you can expect the occasional social/alt run. Lively guild chat where we basically hurl insults at our hunter and a fun community on Facebook, where we sometimes play other games like CS, Cards Against Humanity or show cute pictures of penguins dressed as pirates.

So if this all sounds good, check out our website:

Or hit me up either on this post, in-game (Tyrien - Horde) or on antronoid #2887

TL;DR - If you like to DPS then we would like you to DPS with us.

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