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<Carried> - Kilrogg - CST -

Raid Times (8 PM ~ 12 AM CST)

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday

Guild Leader



Mesa (Mesa#1556)

Carried (US-Kilrogg) is beginning to make a comeback to become a mythic progression guild once again. We are starting from near-scratch and only have a handful of experienced raiders at our disposal, so we are opening mass recruitment to our guild!

Past Tier Experience:

Tier 14: US 26th 10 man

Tier 15: US 30th 10 man

Tier 16: US 17th 10 man prior to stopping raiding

Carried originally stopped raiding towards the end of Siege of Org when a few raiders had to quit the game. Half of our core raiders went on to join and become full-time raiders in Modest. Modest also fell into raider attendance issues, and unfortunately had to stop raiding after a couple high ranked mythic kills. From there, some of our members moved onto Nightmare Asylum and continued to push mythic content.

After a couple month break though, we've decided to re-build Carried. And we're bringing back some of the original talent that secured the high-ranked kills mentioned above.

Raid Leader/Guild Leader Experience:

We're led by a very experienced guild and raid leader who has raided in multiple top 10 guilds (Adept) and was even an officer in one of them (Modest). He was able to lead Carried to high-ranked progression on a limited schedule before and intends to do it again.

Our Plan:

As we're starting from scratch, we have our work cut out for us. We intend to build and expand our current roster and begin mythic raiding, which we are planning to officially start THIS tuesday, March 31st, 2015. (number of players permitting) We are looking to recruit and maintain raiders who want to be part of a revitalization of a once great guild.

As we do get enough stable players for Mythic, we're going to start in Highmaul and work our way up to Foundry. There are upgrades to be had and fights to experience. We're treating ourselves as a fresh guild with fresh content. This tier is a building tier and we want to build guild unity and cohesion by beating this tier from the ground up.

By next tier, we intend to be in the full swing of things.

Who We're Looking For:

We're looking for players who are patient and don't mind ramping up into full-blown mythic progression. We need people who are willing to invest in a guild and want to take part in re-building something from the ground up.

We want to achieve high-rankings on a lighter schedule than the top 1% of guilds. We've raided in those guilds before, and it's not something we want anymore. We want to kill bosses quickly and efficiently and have fun doing it.

Raid Schedule:

8pm-12am CST

Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday (For next tier, there is a chance that we add Wednesday as a raid night depending on what the guild wants)

Currently Recruiting:

We are currently recruiting Warlocks, hunters, disc priest, h pally, dk, boomkins, But any qualified and experienced raider is encouraged to apply.

Contact Info:

You can reach one of our officers with his battletag, Mesa#1556

How to Apply:

[At our website, here]( Read the information for applicants and then apply.

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