Here's the thing. You could honestly draft Odell in the second round after the keepers are taken out. AB is 29 and still looks like he's definitely still in his prime with no slowing down. He's on pace for 120, and 1760 yards and that's with how slow the offense and Big Ben have starter. That's way better than anything Odell has put up. OBJ is also my favorite WR and I started a keeper this year and it was the toughest choice to choose between the two to start it off with. Honestly man I had OBJ last year, granted it was a down year, but I never knew what to expect. I was happy to get 15-20 from him. AB I'm semi disappointed to have him get less than 22 and outside of his "down games" he's averaging 27.4 or something per game. The only thing that Odell has on AB is age, but he's also missed 4 games, 1 game and basically the entire season this year. AB hasn't missed from an injury since he's exploded as the best WR. I would either trade Odell to a team that has a horrible record, or try to draft him again next season in the second round. He might not be there but they only way I'm trading AB is for Bell or possibly Zeke. As bad as Ben has looked so far though I think the giants will be worse off by far next season and Eli's regression showed all through last year.

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