[Official] Moronic Monday

Short version: No, and did you see the first two fights?

Longer version: MMA more than any sport demands a certain freshness to matchups, we (generally) will not get hype for a third match up with two fighters if one fighter is 2-0. Ask Meisha Tate, Joseph Benavidez, et al. We want to see #1 vs #2 once, and then we think we know what will happen everytime. Part of the reason is our own quasi-acknowledgement that it is not a sport in the traditional sense, and part of it is they compete so infrequently and careers are so fragile we want to see all the matchups we can. MMA is fleeting, man. Even the most active fighters we will never see enough.

For Nate and Conor, you have to do the rubber match traditionally. Everyone says the rubber match will always be there for these two, but I don't know if that is fair. We are taking that fight for granted, and long term I think we would regret not seeing Nate and Conor III more than Tony and Conor I. Conor against anyone is interesting, and I get that he has options, but I know Nate Diaz will only probably get up for a Conor fight now. The Diaz Brothers have given us more than their fair share of great fights. I don't want to not see Nate fight again more than I want to see Conor-Tony now.

For me, every fight made jeopardizes other fights. Every matchup risks spoiling the others. This shit is like Game of Thrones cranked up to 11.

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