Official Navi twitter says reason for not taking part in ECS is scheduling issues and that no roster changes will be occurring.

Hasty to get rid of Edward? How much longer do you suggest Na'Vi let him sit on the roster and actively drag s1mple and electronic down. I would rather keep Zues and get rid of Edward than vice versa; at least Zues offers something to the team in terms of an IGL position. You can make the argument that Qikert isn't the person to replace Edward, but to suggest Edward stay on the team is laughable.

Edward has been a leach on the team for at least a year and you're suggesting it's hasty to get rid of him. That because he has tenure it somehow excuses his constant fuck ups and god awful play. The Edward who keeps an AK instead of giving it to simple. The Edward who dies with full utility. The Edward who we get excited about getting double digit frags in a game. Edward is far, far, far past his prime and to suggest that because he has been around a long time he should be kept is circular logic. If you are keeping him around because he has tenure, well then the next year he has more tenure so even less chance you remove him, and so on and so forth into perpetuity. Edward needs to get removed quickly because right now all he is doing is pissing away the best years of simple's career and once simple naturally drops in form we are going to look back and think of all the shit he could have accomplished if it hadn't been for this tumor on Na'Vi.

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