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I want to create some habits. I've been depressed for such a long time (years) that I've completely dropped what people would consider the baseline of functioning like showering, brushing my teeth, and cleaning my room. Yes, I know it's gross but it's what happens when you don't take your own depression seriously. I'm surrounded by literal garbage in my room and I feel like not using the internet for a month would help me re-orient myself considering the internet is my main, if the only, distraction I have. I don't use social media but I'm on an IRC server where I'm just constantly talking the day away not doing anything that's actually important to me like taking care of myself and reading. I want to create those two habits, reading and hygiene. I have two books I plan to read this month (I'm starting a small reading goal at first): Inherent Vice & The Universal Baseball Association. When I come back to using the internet I want to use it as a tool for research and be able to spend time on the IRC server I enjoy but limit myself. Same with reddit but I've never been a huge reddit user so this is easier than IRC for me. See you guys on April 9th.

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