Official : Racing Club de Lens (France) is now owned by Solferino, luxembourg company whose Atletico Madrid is the majority shareholder

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The Luxembourg company Solferino SARL, "whose majority shareholder is Atletico Madrid," according to the deputy prosecutor of the republic, is the new owner of RC Lens. The Commercial Court of Paris rendered its judgment on Monday afternoon.

This project, led by the Spaniard Ignacio Aguillo, advisor to board of Atletico Madrid and the French Gilles Fretigne, leader of the British investment fund Amber Capital UK was the sole candidate after the withdrawal of Charles Kader Gooré. The offer of Solferino is one that, in the judgment of the court of Paris, "to pay all liabilities third, and present all the necessary guarantees for the payment of the price and u financing the next football season. " More than 5 million have been paid into the account of the legal representative.

The court states that it validates the asset disposal plan of the RCL Holding SAS in Solferino. Assignment that contains all of the "action of SASP Racin Club de Lens is 4249 shares and the current account held by the holding company RCL in the amount of € 5,771,313 to 29 févirier 2016." The sale price, which we revealed last Wednesday, is 660 000 euros.

The judgment of which we publish an excerpt above also gives some interesting details about the product:

Solferino is required to make payment of the sum of € 5,650,000 of which € 4.99 million will be allocated to a capital increase.
It's Gilles Frétigné which is designated as the person in charge to execute the plan and meet commitments.
The plan period is two years.
It will not be for sale in the next 3 years: "The goods sold will be inalienable for 3 years."
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