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General Thoughts:

Wow!! I honestly went in trying not to get my hopes up too much just in case it got to that point where I realised a lot of the songs I just didn't like that much but NOPE. I love it! Whilst it's hard to make entire judgements of the album so quickly, I do believe I can firmly say that this is their most consistent album to date. There is no song I dislike, and there is no particular song that I love head and shoulders above the rest. The album, as a whole, is simply just great. I completely agree with what someone else said (and he got some mixed reactions for it) that the album is rather over-produced, but not in a bad way. There is a lot going on in most of the songs and it has a very artsy style to it, similar to how I feel Moon and Antarctica does. The choruses are typically not huge and epic but slow burning rhythms (think more Of Course We Know than Lampshades on Fire) which helps create this enchanting and beautiful quality about it, but ultimately does lend itself to entire listening and not so much individual tracks - which could be seen as a downside from fans of the single-ready WWDBTSES.

Strangers to Ourselves - It's hard to call this a perfect opener when it rivals songs like 3rd Planet and God's Shoeshine but it's a perfect opener for this album It's haunting, quite slow and dazzling. It basically goes full circle with "Of Course We Know" at the end of the album. 8/10

Lampshades on Fire - Definitely the best choice of lead single. Catchy, fun and memorable. I seem to like this more than others, and have had a lot of fun blasting this from my speakers. Good spot for the song too, it would have felt out of place anywhere else in the album. 8.5 /10

Shit in Your Cut - Really unsure of this song. I like it, but I can't help but feel there's something I'm missing from it. I need to do more digging on this lyrically. It's quite a mysterious, demanding song. 7/10 at the minute. Pistol - When the drums kick in at the start and suddenly hit a dead stop, you know something crazy is about to happen. Absolutely insane song, and I love it. Memorable, funky, and weird. 9/10

Ansel - A song that really caught me off guard. It sounds so familiar yet so different at the same time. Lyrically deep and love the beat. The vocals are really noticeable for how simple they are. I agree this maybe isn't the most emotional thing for what it is trying to portray but from a musical standpoint, it's a good song. 8.5/10

The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box - My favourite single, and my favourite song from the album. Absolutely incredible song. 10/10

Coyotes - Beautiful, soft song. This is the Trailer Trash/Little Motel of the album. 9/10

Pups to Dust - Fantastic song. Feels like this could have been a single. Dare I say it has an almost Radiohead quality to it? (Obviously the vocals are nothing alike but the general structure of the song.) Love it. 9/10

Sugar Boats - Wild as hell. People are going to love this song. 9/10

Wicked Campaign - Fantastic song. People say this might get controversial but that is ridiculous. It has a slightly different sound to it but what does that matter? It's one of the best of the album. 10/10

Be Brave - Feels like a way more produced song LCW, just the way the vocals hit the ear and the slightly shouting hook. 8.5/10

God is an Indian and You're an Asshole - God is an Indian and this song is great. 9/10

The Tortoise and the Tourist - I must be honest... I don't love this quite as much as everyone else. I find the chorus to be slightly repetitive and bland. Although I find the middle verse especially to be absolutely brilliant and the lyrics make this incredibly memorable in a sort of odd fashion. 7.5/10

The Best Room - I absolutely adore this song. Great lyrics and an absolutely fantastic beat. 9/10

Of Course We Know - Fantastic album closer. Has an almost airy, delicate touch to it with the wonderful vocals. Completes the circle started by the opening song. - 8.5/10

From someone who absolutely adored WWDBSES, maybe some people might not agree with my thoughts because even loving that album seems to be controversial. But I adore this album and think it leans away from the unnatural hits of the last album (We've Got Everything) and provides a more enchanting consistent sound. Their most comparable album is M&A IMO. Weirdly experimental, artistic and breezy. It doesn't quite hit the peaks of M&A, but I think it has basically no lows unlike parts of M&A.

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