★OFFICIAL WEEKLY★ Tantrum Tuesday: Share your complaints, vents and gripes August 02, 2022

OMG! I overslept (I don’t have insomnia, but I get a tiny bit too little sleep almost every night, and need to make it up big time occasionally), and feel so much less hungry. Is this how people who get enough sleep not to crave more food than they need, feel?

I only ate 1,500 calories today, but didn’t restrict to get there. I normally was eating waaaaay more than 1,500, but I was also exercising a lot more today, and gaining slowly even though I was moderately active, and would have gotten obese quickly if I were sedentary.

I don’t even want to say how much I was eating up until today, because it was A LOT for a little short person who is moderately active but not extremely active like earlier this summer, and still hungry because of sleep deprivation.

Today I was lightly active. 1,500 is quite a deficit for me being lightly active, and probably what I need when I’m sedentary, but I also wasn’t as hungry, as if I had only been eating what I needed before.

I am honestly surprised I only gained a pound in the past few weeks…maybe I was getting more steps than I realized! I was eating so much when I was having sleep problems (and still am, because oversleeping isn’t good either, but at least I made it up).

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