Offshore brokers now using double and triple blind corporate registrations through Cypress, Panama, and China. Identities of beneficiaries are so obscured, you'd spend years and at least $500,000 just finding the correct party to sue/prosecute. Demand fingerprints and photos from brokers YOU collect

Please be careful what platforms you put your crypto and what site you share intimate details with.Crypto is an unregulated financial space and it is swarming with swindlers and thieves looking to take your hard earned money..If you report your crypto stolen, most government/local authorities ignore all reports under $200,000.After going back and forth with them it tuned out to be a total waste of time.. And yes I was a victim..In my own case I was allowed to withdraw a chunk amount of my capital which I believed was to build my trust ... they sucked me dry with withdrawal fee upon withdrawal fee and I never got my capital after all was said and done..I had to contract the service of an ethical hacker. He hacked into the wallets I made deposit into and retrieved my stolen crypto.These scammers took a lot of people out for so much crypto .Crazy sums! they are greedy and are meant to eat shit and die! File a complaint to him on [ UBERTECH01_ ] Instagram

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