Oh look, another post comparing Trump to Hitler. These people really want to undermine his atrocities just to make Trump look bad

No other president, in the history of this country, had one national security adviser plead guilty to lying to the FBI and another come out and claim the President OK’d dictator’s use of concentration camps.

The last three republicans to run for president have called Trump a liar. Rex Tillerson called him a liar. Mattis called him a liar. John Kelly has called Trump a liar. Lindsey Graham has called him a liar. Decorated soldiers like Vindman have called him a liar. His attorney of many years, who went to jail because of Trump said it and publicly warned anyone working with Trump that he’s a liar and an all around terrible person.

Bolton’s book, on its own, sure. Question his assertions, question his motives. Whatever. If that was the only case ok. But it’s not, is it? Over and over and over everyone that deals with him either uses him for their own goals or says he’s not to be trusted.

If you can’t see it it’s because you don’t want to see it. Because you like the racist shit he says and does. I obviously didn’t vote for the guy but I wanted him to succeed, because that would mean America is successful. But he’s failed this country repeatedly.

Allowing Xi to build concentration camps after pleading with him to help rig 2020 in his favor isn’t some one-off thing. It’s a pattern of behavior.

But you don’t care. It’s all a game. So much winning.

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