Oh, but it's not ALL cops.

I acknowledged I made excuses for the slave owners who didn't beat slaves, I never hid that. I know owning people is brutal, but put yourself in the shoes of a slave owner who wants to help slaves. Everyone around you hates black people, they are violent, and there's no 100% safe way to get your slaves to safety. Your best choice would be to buy people and set them free. While the government recognizes that you own then, you can still give them more freedom than other people who are owned. I bought my cats, legally I own them, but in reality I don't force them to do anything, and I treat them very well. I don't think any person would call me brutal for treating my cats the way I do. While legally they owned the slaves, if they treated them like human beings and didn't treat them like property than the law doesn't mean anything. Slave owners who were nice weren't the ones that forced them into bondage, that was the slave sellers. Slave owners who were nice did make the choice to keep slave away from abusive owners and to give them as much freedom as they could. Sorry for the wall of text, btw. I'd fix it but fixing it on mobile is a pain in the ass.

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