'Oh God barf': Firefighters union president's texts to chief prompt gasps at arbitration hearing

Ugh why is this province so bogged down with union drama? It always seems like at least one union per week is whining and making a ruckus to the media, whether it's the Professor's Union, Teachers Union, Government Employees Union, Airport Workers Union, Police Union, Firefighters Union, Health Care Workers Union, the list goes on and on. Absolutely nothing is ever good enough for workers paid by taxes. Those of us who get paychecks coming from the public need to stop biting the hand that feeds us. It's ridiculous.

I used to be pretty pro union, but as I got older and experienced more "reality" in this province, it's become clear that unions have too much power in this city and consistently ask over and above what constitutes "fair" compensation. Like they say, give and inch and they'll take a mile.

First unions asked for fair wages and working hours, and that's all well and good. Then they asked for reduced working hours and health benefits. That's okay too. Then they begin asking for worker protection (i.e. protecting lazy ass workers who do nothing at all behind work place regulations), and then it's unsustainable pension plans. And then corruption begins to become apparent, and nepotism runs rampant even though there is supposedly rules in place to prevent it. It just never ends.

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