Oh god it's on the floor

Zowie! Never heard of/seen such a thing! From Wikipedia:

Larry Wolff in his book Inventing Eastern Europe: The Map of Civilization on the Mind of Enlightenment mentions that in Poland, for about a thousand years, some people wore the hair style of the Scythians. Zygmunt Gloger in his Encyklopedia staropolska mentions that Polish plait was worn as a hair style by some people of both genders in the Pinsk region and the Masovia region at the beginning of the 19th century. He used the term "kołtun zapuszczony" which denotes artificial formation of Polish plait. According to folklore studies today, dreadlocks were formed using liquids or wax. Among liquids, a mixture of wine and sugar was used, or washing hair daily with water in which herbs were boiled. The most commonly used herb was Vinca (Vinca major), followed by Lycopodium clavatum and moss, which caused hair to mat into dreadlocks. A similar effect can be had by rubbing hair with wax, or inserting a piece of a candle at the hair ends. Newer Polish dictionaries mention plica as a disease, but the old ones also mention artificially created plica.

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