Oh, the joys of living in Missouri...

Please be kidding.

If you arent: HOLY FUCKING SHIT, NO. You could not be more wrong and this is terrible, terrible fucking advice. I dated a former drug addict. She was clean when we started dating. She lsot her kid due to it and I decided I was gonna be a big fucking hero and help her get bakc on her feet and her kid back. What followed was the worst relationship of my entire life and one that totally nulified all desire for any future relationships. This happened about 6 years ago. I'm STILL carrying trus issues due to this. I'm trying to leave work, so when I get home I'll fill in some more details but the first pass is gonna be really quick and condensed.

So as I said, I was gonna be a great dude and help her. I paid for her a place to live, a phone, food, etc. She lost her job shortly after we began dating so it all fell on me. She had a nasty alcohol problem but I figured it was better than meth at least. As the relationship went on, she eventually cheated on me. I was going to leave, but she used the "you said you'd help me" line and I stayed. Totally my fault. Things went smooth for a few more months until one day she calls me out of the blue before I go to work, saying we need to talk.

I go meet her and she tells me that the dude I had been telling her NOT to be fucking around with gave her meth. She relapsed. I told her to get clean or I'm leaving or good. She promised she would. Months pass. No progress. I come home one day and she seems way out of it. I ask her what's up and she was mumbling nonsense. She went fucking bonkers. She accused me of cheating on her with girls on TV. We got into an argument. I grab the phone I was paying for and see that the same fucking guy that made her relapse had been over and apparently bought more meth. She was strung out. I took her phone, told her I was leaving and that we were done. As I was packing, she went quiet. She just sat in silence as I bertaed her. I must have pushed a bad button becase she eventually snapped. She stood up, started saying she was going to hurt me and hit me with what I can onl assume was an alarm clock. Everything after tha is pretty blurry. She hit me hard enough with it to cut pretty deep. I now have a scar on my face from the incident.

So no, rying to change a meth head is a waste of effort. If they can't help themselves, they cant be helped.

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