Oh no

So here is my take on this.

To the guy that originally made the meme. I know you are going to lash out at me. But I want to make a point. The point is. You don't know how memes work. Every site no matter where you look is going to steal memes. Lord knows your meme might end up on tumblr. You can't claim rights to a meme that easily. People can be toxic and steal it without you even knowing. Reddit is so much similar to Instagram in so many ways.

Another thing, why are you giving a meme hype when it was made 4 YEARS AGO?! It's dead already! You should know that by now. Memes have short lifespans. You are pretty much beating a dead horse here. Nobody cares about that meme anymore. Which is why it goes here. It used to be funny, but now we melt in our chairs every time we see it.

So to whoever made the meme, welcome to the internet. Quanity over quality for anything funny 24/7.


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