Oh poor landlords, whatever are they gonna do?

While I understand the meaning of this post, I want to say that the general perception of landlords is far from the reality. My parents worked their asses off to buy an apartment and then rent it. Now, after working 14h days for 15 years (that means no family vacations, no fancy clothes, no fancy car...), my dad can retire at 54yo and work on what he really likes even if it doesn't make him so much money. He has worked all his life and sacrificed a lot to have a good and early retirement. An elderly couple rented it and paid religiously every month until they both passed. We had a pretty good relationship with them and they even came to have lunch at home with us from time to time. We helped the family to get all their belongings and kept their dog because it was going to be put down.

Then again there are many landlords who only inherited their properties and are dicks to the tenants. But not everyone is like that.

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