Oh yeah, thats totally all the Far Left want. Not like they're called the "Far" Left for a reason.


I am alt-right and there is nothing wrong with this.

If you want to live in multiculturalism, where a group of people work and others leech from the money while doing nothing, where pedophiles have more rights than an unvaccinated, then yeah, altright bad.

dislike me all you want, but Hitler stood for his people, he stood for morality, he was against degeneracy, he burned all the LGBTQ institutes so that the kids can't be converted.

You guys need to watch Hitler the Untold Story, instead of believing all lies that are on the surface.

You're going to jail for up to 6 years for denying the holocaust for a reason. Lies need this, not the truth.

come on man, wake up, the globalists are trolling all of us.

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