The way this works is that salmon lay their eggs in a an area with a fast current to ensure the highest chance of survival for the babies. Salmon eggs are fertilized externally however because of the fast current, the semen would get swept away if a salmon ejaculated as much as a human, that’s why they have emasculate an enormous amount so that most of semen will fertilize the eggs before getting swept away by the current.

Fun fact: scientists use a similar procedure when trying to confirm if a certain strip of genetic code exists among a bunch of other dupe codes, so what they do is release codes that are like magnets (opposite to the dupes) so they dupes get connected and thus cannot connect to anymore genetic code (example: if I wanted to confirm that the code ACTG exists but there is a code that goes GCTA then I’d first put the opposite GCTA code before checking for the ACTG so that the code doesn’t accidentally line up with the wrong one or similar ones)

After connecting the dupe codes the scientist then releases a faintly radioactive code that’s meant to connect with the one they’re looking for in the code pool. If the radioactive code connects with the one they’re looking for, a faint glow appears on an x Ray, if not then there will be a just a blank sheet

This process is known as hybridization

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