Oh yes a “good girl” calling others “hoes”

This is like deciphering Sanskrit for me bro. If she is holding anything hostage, then how much does she really like you? And do you reallly want a girl that wants to play games and be manipulative?

Sexual partners is something where like I said varies by Person. Cultural and religious aspects also play a part for both genders as far as what is deemed acceptable for the amount of sex and amount of sexual partners.

If your girl has had a lot of sex and been with a lot of guys before you than what are you really to her? Is she with you because she genuinely likes you or is it because of the materialistic things you can provide for her and the lifestyle you can provide? Let’s say you’re in med school and and some girl starts liking you. Would she want to be with you if you where less ambitious and weren’t pursuing a career as a surgeon making close to seven figures?

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