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Not Amsterdam

As of 2012, the ethnic makeup of Amsterdam was 49.5% of Dutch ancestry and 50.5% of foreign origin. "Foreign origin" also includes other European White. British and German make up the 3rd and 4th largest "non-dutch" population. The rest of The Netherlands are over 80% white (very homogeneous).

Not Rotterdam

47.7% of the population are of non Dutch origins or have at least one parent born outside the country.

Very, very close, but if you add up just those of European decent it is more than 50% of the population. That's not even counting those from the Balkans.

Not The Hague

The proportion of Dutch people is 49.9%, while that of Western immigrants is 15.6%, and that of non-western immigrants is 34.4%.

Same as Rotterdam, "western immigrants" includes white European.

Definitely not London

According to the Office for National Statistics, based on the 2011 Census estimates, 59.8 per cent of the 8,173,941 inhabitants of London were White, with 44.9 per cent White British, 2.2 per cent White Irish, 0.1 per cent gypsy/Irish traveller and 12.1 per cent classified as Other White. 59.79% white

I couldn't find good numbers on Marseille, so I'll give you that one. It doesn't disprove my point.

...and finally

European countries are ethnically homogenous.

It cannot be clearer. There are pockets of diversity within Europe, but overall it IS the most homogeneous region on earth.

Your african americans do not identify as south aftrican or nigerian

You are absolutely correct here, but your take on the causality is flawed. Most African-Americans here don't identify with a particular region in Africa any more than I identify with Ireland, where my ancestors came from over 250 years ago. They are just too many generations removed. Also, those whose ancestors were slaves may not be able to find a link to a particular region. Newer immigrants from Africa do indeed refer to themselves as Kenyan, Nigerian, etc.

melting all people into one is not the same as multiculturalism, it is in fact the opposite.

True, but it is inevitable that all races and cultures will eventually melt into one, given enough time on the planet.

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