Ohio Democrats outpolled Republicans in Statehouse races, but will remain in the deep minority; what's ahead for gerrymandering

Republicans have been gaming the House on steroids since they introduced 'mid-decade redistricting' in the aughts. Today, they use highly intricate computer modeling to redistrict so that Republicans hold the majority whether they win of not. As Wisconsin suggests, it works.

Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr., and George W. Bush appointee, and unitary executive supporter, recently asked where looking at the computer redistricting methods is in the Constitution. I hate to be the one to say this but -- they didn't have electronic computers in those days. To suggest now that, for example, Republicans can go behind close doors and redistrict a dozen times to get the most seats possible with computer programs and then admit they are doing exactly that is okay under the Constitution while reviewing those plans with the same computer technology is not -- is really turning things upside down.

As for the legality or morality of gerrymandering on the Democratic side, it is both legal and moral and Democrats should do as much of it as possible -- because the Supreme Court has refused to make it illegal several times in the past few months. They need a little more inspiration to do their jobs.

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