Ohio democrats pound their desk as Rep. Jena argues men shouldn't compete in women sports.

The woman is fighting for woman’s rights . Desk thumper wants to look appealing to his potential voter base and is losing it.

Vote bank politics.Most politicians are cancer and they divide our society piece by piece.

In a nutshell, they argue that regulating testosterone levels of a trans athlete and allowing them to compete in women’s sports is supported by science .

Here’s the major issue with it.

None of these regulations have worked at all,trans athletes are sweeping away titles from women irrespective of what sport you put them into.

Here’s another bigger issue.

women in sports dedicate a significant portion of their lives to compete or to get a scholarship. They have to work extremely hard.

You put a trans athlete who has undergone hormone therapy to BRING down testosterone levels under regulated levels.training is hard work for everyone,but hormone therapy is not hard work.

While women work extremely freaking hard to stay in competitive shape.

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