Ohio, Kentucky, Tennesee sue Biden over COVID vaccine mandate

1905, and yes, Jacobson and any number of rulings provide a solid, broad basis for the constitutionality of vaccine mandates as a general “state”/police power (“state” used here to apply to areas over which a particular governing body has authority).

Much of this is performative nonsense, and the examples provided in the article by Atty Gen Yost have absolutely fuck all to do with anything - it’s nothing more than fear mongering and PR, with all the right buzzwords about ICE detainees running wild in the streets, and the police not having enough staff.

Those are all problems caused by idiots buying into anti-vaxx garbage, and have nothing at all to do with Biden’s executive order.

…BUT, and it’s an important one, there is a viable legal challenge that is completely separate from that nonsense that is not just viable-ish, but was fully anticipated. Haven’t read the filings (yet) but it’s hinted at in the article, and has to do with the authority of the feds to implement this kind of mandate for contractors and through OSHA.

Those are separate things; the federal contractor part doesn’t really have any merit (again, more performative nonsense), but the “companies > 100 staff” is being implemented through a completely novel mechanism as merits a challenge, since that’s what the courts are for.

Now, I’m on the health policy side, so a) I’ve studied public health law but am not a lawyer and b) am obviously wildly in favor of vaccine mandates, and just of vaccines in general (which are one of humanity’s most amazing/impactful achievements). But underneath the bullshit, and ignoring the federal contractors bit, even I can see a reasonable basis for one state to file a lawsuit about OSHA. All the rest of it is just for show.

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