Ohio woman tased after she refused to leave a middle school football game for not wearing a mask

I’m not trying to criticize the officer, I can see how I’m coming off that way.

My original comment , which was a question, was as wrong as that woman is for not wearing a mask, does she really need to be tased and arrested(I understand the charges) at her sons sporting event when she is sitting there socially distanced. What I didn’t articulate for brevity sake is 1. Faculty allowed her in in the first place 2. She seemed to be distanced from others 3. There is a woman there who appears to be assisting the cop who has her nose out of her mask, she is touching a woman who is in the process of being arrested, and is also not socially distanced, she appears to be faculty or possibly another parent? Either way she has no business doing the things she is doing, she cannot break rules to help enforce rules.

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