oiL - Halfway House [1996]

stop repeating everything deron writes. please. It's cringe worthy. he has had his "new cky album" written for the past what.... 4 years now? it's not happening. the rest of the band members get along. he does not. who is the problem? Chad is focused on his solo material. This festival show is a one off and was supposed to billed as "cKy with Daniel Davies". They are not continuing beyond that. Deron has burned almost every bridge he had. have you not noticed how wildly his opinions change on his former band members almost weekly? the guy is an alcoholic. Do you know any in your life? Do you know anything about alcoholism? He is the text book example. This is the guy who would post pictures of himself burning cky records and posting pictures of people on facebook with childish insults underneath. Would talk about chasing his wife down the street with a knife. This is acceptable behaviour? The guy has problems. He needs help desperately. Even when he was "sober" he was slamming shots behind the bands back on tour. I was standing right beside him when he did it when they played here. Stop trying to justify his behaviour. And I get the impression you didn't see the old cky website when askcKy was popular and when cky was at their peak. he would talk about writing songs with Chad all the time. How he would bring riffs and they would create the songs together. Remember when he broke up the band in 2007, and came back later and said how lucky he felt to be working with Chad again? How James Murphy and Chad are the only people that have been able to help him properly write, produce and all around realize his musical vision? now he's mad, so suddenly everything changes. have you heard the IDR, answer, carver demos? they are completely different before Chad gets involved. generally lacking completely in any melody and arrangement. they aren't songs. they are just pieces waiting to be put together. And now we've heard Deron without Chad. There is no way anyone could possibly listen to the vocals on acoustified (which by the way, the label has refused to promote or re-press because of what went on behind the scenes) and think it's a good vocal performance, by any stretch. save for a few songs, he sounds borderline tone deaf. it's painful to listen to. he's straining his voice all over the place and half the time singing out of key. This is the guy who once said "make your records as good as you can, because they will outlive you". how about the tab dvd? remember that? him painfully struggling to get through his own material? open your eyes. And especially your ears. Jesus Christ.

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