They don't hoover on your timeline.

He may have new supply he is focusing on and when that inevitably goes haywire he will turn to you if he can't get a replacement soon enough.

It could also be that he is the type that doesn't hoover. They are not all the same.

In any case, its not easy to hoover you since you have him blocked, he may simply be too lazy to try to get around your blocking. That is the reason blocking exists to prevent abusive people from contacting you, so sometimes it is effective.

Stalking you is a legal risk. If you tell anyone he may look bad since everyone understands that stalking is a clear form of abuse.

Emotional abuse can still be hidden and denied.

He wanted you, but you are here which means you realized he is an abuser.

He probably knows this and moved on to someone he can fool about that. Every single second that ticks by after an abuser realizes you are aware of the abuse, there is the acute awareness that you can bolt any time.

This fear of abandonment causes them to frequently abandon others before they are abandoned.

It's a defense mechanism.

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