OK boomer

"The point im trying to make is that there is a LOT more to this argument than just this simple comparison youre making, there are more reasons its a bad comparison that i havent even touched on, so you cannot say ok boomer is the n word of racism just based on this shallow comparison."

N-word of ageism, not racism, pay attention. And yes there probably is more to this argument, if you were to expand it beyond the context of what I've said. But only if I meant it to be more expansive, which I don't mean for it to. So this is unnecessarily extending it beyond its necessity.

"I dont see how you think i dont get your point i clearly do im just refuting it. Telling me i dont understand calling me a dolt and telling me to "look into it" do not make you right, psychological projection"

Badly refuting it, and no it isn't psychological projection it is called threwing out insults.

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